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A team member journey with Visual Nuts

When I remember my journey as a Frontend Developer at Visual Nuts, I have to reinforce the importance given to the technology without ever forgetting the business component inherent in the project or product. Visual allowed me to know the entire development process in the implementation of an app, from the definition of the application's architecture to its release in production. Not only that but, everyone in the team is integrated in the decision making, engaged in whole product lifecycle.

"This also demonstrates how this company trusts and gives confidence to its employees."

At this moment I am integrated in the development of two products contained in a complex TMS (Transport Management Systems), one more focused on the data visualisation and analysis, that flows in this TMS application, and the other on the reconciliation of information and invoicing management, present in the same system.

The first, although it seems simpler in terms of business logic it is data driven. At the same time it must be fast and precise, it also plays a very important role visually, allowing understanding of performance and processes using different types of representation. This was the moment where I faced the great challenge of making a map representation with a lot of data. Although I had already developed applications with maps in the past, this challenge was at another level. Because of the data variety I can say it was one of the greatest I've faced until now.

The last will help companies, that nowadays rely on their resolution of inconsistencies in spreadsheets, to have a modern application that will make this process optimized and faster, providing all the guidelines for successful errorless operations. Invoice matching is one of the key features of this product.

Although, what we do, it involves a deep analysis of the business, it's very important to combine it with a clear visual - including animations/delights, to create, in other words, a real "Silicon Valley App".

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