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An insider's perspective about Visual Nuts

Being part of Visual Nuts’ team has given me enough tools to complete today’s task: sharing an inside view of the company, directly from my non-technological point of view.

To get this out the way: yes. We’re Nuts about technology.

This is not only part of our name, but our motto.

Every member of this company has a passion for technology. It’s the one biggest requirement we make sure everyone fulfills. Whether you are an engineer, a salesperson or a human resources team member, you’ll need to immerge in the tech world (and embrace it).

So… What do we do exactly?

We work in close proximity with our partners, with business value in mind, delivering bold technical solutions at the forefront of what’s possible. We have three different areas of expertise that come together in terms of experience and knowledge: the product accelerator, where we take an idea to the market, as quick as possible, with the best technologies and solution in place; nearshore in Lisbon, to upscale a customer's operations remotely with our highly trained professionals; and outsourcing services, for customers that don’t want to deal directly with some specific area of expertise.

At Visual Nuts, we are set up to handle a customer's development process in a transparent and frictionless way.

Our talent, effort and hard work are not only trusted by national partners, but globally valued as well. We have a transparent process common to all our partnerships, ranging from management, design and development, to testing and infrastructure. We have handpicked teams that prosper in the technical field and deliver the best solutions possible, personalized to each customer. You have the idea, we come up with the solution.

Our culture helps us thrive

Some of the great things that happen at Visual Nuts are after-work barbecues, sport matches and other monthly events, where we experience awesome team building time. We like to have fun, but we never forget our end goal: to learn. Our interesting way of getting professional trainings and certificates, sharing them between teams and learning together, allows us to extend our motivation inside the office. Although we had to postpone some of these activities this year, due to the Covid-19 situation, for others we found new ways... In the end, it's all about adjusting.

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