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Visual Nuts, a brand among the greatest


A great brand is about culture with which people can relate with. Technology will always be just the enabler!

The name might sound weird to you, but I’ve come to understand that we are really nuts! 

When you think about great brands, you don’t only see what they sell… you feel the culture, the empathy and what they care about.

If you look at Deloitte you might not immediately spot what they really sell, you just know that no matter what, no matter the area, you’ll be able to reach great professionals that will help you on the toughest challenges you are and will be facing. 

At Visual Nuts we like to think that we became that kind of a brand. We don’t care as much about technology, business, sales, revenue or profitability. We care about people! Our people continually shapes who we really are, and technology is in second plan. The solutions we provide are people centric, where technology is not the end goal but the enabler. 

I’m not gonna lie to you, of course we’ll always care about experience, perfectionism or even how we use technology to provide a great solution. It’s also not easy to join our team because we’re just looking for like minded people. Our professionals are among the greatest minds in the world, but that wouldn’t be enough to ensure that they are the right ones for the job if we wouldn’t share the same mindset, culture and passion to solve the challenges that we face. Our culture is about being a fine great family before we even think about any challenge or solution. We hug, we thank, we help, we care, and that’s why we’re among the best: we are one!

During the last event that we had, I was looking around and I couldn’t feel so proud - we came from the bottom and we’ve born and raised between tough competitors. Our events aren’t about fanciness, they are always about team work: everyone comes together to help out on making the event happen; and you know what? They are great, everybody feels happy and everybody enjoys the familiar vibe it has. This time I went around talking with most of the team members thanking them personally for who they are and for making this possible. Awesome is the word I’d use to describe them! 

The outcome of all this is that we have people enjoying this ride for 4 years straight, people that enjoyed so much that after leaving they just wanted to come back. Family is family and that’s why we stick together, we face everything together, we learn together, we do and will grow together. 

A great brand is not only about what it sells, it’s about culture with which a potential customer can relate with. Visual Nuts will stick to it, technology will always be just the enabler.

What about you? Are you looking for a poorly minded cooked up solution or for a team worked great solution? 

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